Aion Hack [Speed Hack Inject V 0.1]

Aion Hack [Speed Hack]
"This Aion Speed Hack works for all versions of Aion Online"

Free Download Aion Hack : Aion Hack [Speed Hack Inject V 0.1]
1.Start the hack
2.Login into the game.
3.Choose your speed/sleeptime
4.Rip-off everything.

Aion Hacking :
Set to auto inject or use Aion's injector and set the speed to 1 and just to be sure it works, change to speed 20 to see if everything moves fast and back to 1 at login screen. when everything already loads up change the speed up to 20 and sure enough You'll run like a loon from this Aion Speed Hack.
There's also a trick on how to do it on some servers to avoid disconnection by deleting the system.cfg in aion folder and making your own customised system.ovr and then the Aion Hack comes in.
Aion Hack [Speed Hack] Since you are able to Speed Hack your way in, you can try using Anti-Afk method from this site threads by users or try lowering down your speed to below 800 to just 20. Do remember that whenever you use Aion Speed Hack, your game client will be sending packets to the server fast too.. So if u got slow net speed better to lower it down to avoid disconnection. Enjoy Aion Hacking ^^