Aion Hack [Radar Sensor 3.0]

Free Download Aion Hack Aion Hack [Radar Sensor 3.0]
Current Phase of Sensor 3.0 is in Beta.

Dec 28 Update 3.0.5
• Fixed Bug with Opening Menus
• Menu Buttons now correctly showing
• HUD Completely Removed
• Settings now show
• Fixed misc. crashes

• New Menu
• Major Parts of Code Rewritten
• PvP Panel (Not yet implanted)
• Load/Save Functions Working
• Kill on Sight Notification (Not yet implanted)
• Waypoint Arrow (Not yet working)
• HUD Removed
• Overall speed improvement
• Auto-respond to whispers (Not yet implanted)
• Information tool tip (Not yet implanted)

To get access to the PvP Panel it requires a donation of 5 USD or more. Methods and explanations on how to redeem this will come later.

What is this PvP Panel?
Well have you ever been involved in a massive pvp situation where you don't know who to target? Well this is for you!
Give priority to targets which you can set!
-Who is targeting me?
-Who is the highest rank?
-Is there anyone whom I have a vengeance to kill?
-Lowest Health
-[x] number of allies targeting this player
-[x] number of enemies targeting this player(For healers)

All displayable in a scroll window to which you can situate and move accordingly!

What is this Waypoint Arrow?
Well have you ever wanted to go around looking for rifts or look for rare elites? This arrow, for those of you that played WoW is like the QuestHelper Arrow, points you in the direction of the nearest waypoint set!

Set certain waypoints for rifts and mindlessly follow the arrow without having to think which waypoint is next! Ability to make it for dungeons and rare mob spawns too!

The list continues!

Also don't forget to donate now! *Cough* if you were to donate now you might get to test the PvP function and waypoint functions before everyone else!