[] Eyeremember • Aion Ui Tool Save & Load your UI Window Positions

Credit : Mr.PharmerPhale (MMOElites.com)
link : [] Eyeremember • Aion Ui Tool

I wrote this simple tray program for Mixelplix. He's using multiple monitors with ATI Eyefinity and I guess it's a pain in the butt fixing windows every time you log in to a character. Anyways, freeware for now so enjoy.

Making a configuration:
Get your windows configured how you want them.
Right-Click the EyeRemember tray icon and save your config.

Loading a configuration:
Right-Click the EyeRemember tray icon and choose a .ini file to load.

Note: The configurations are resolution dependent, you can't make one on 1440x900 and have it work on 1920x1080.

Aion online version support:
For Official Aion version NA/EU
For Official Aion version and NA/EU
OLD! For Official Aion version 2.1 and Aion 2.0 NA/EU