A Magic Aion bot 2.7 - Free Download

Magic Aion is a bot for the MMORPG Aion. The bot is hunting monster for you and farming items. You only have to do some settings and the bot will start. The settings are very easy to configure, because you don’t have to do a lot. You just have to put in your skill keys and the skill delay in a box and click start.

Magic AION Features ;

-Very Simple & Easy Setup

-Automatically Heal and resting

-Automatic Hunting and Looting

-Support for Every Class

-Advanced Killing of NPCs – Targets and Fights NPCs

-Simply find a decent grinding place and the bot will farm for you how long you want

-completely free

-get every new update

-100% undetectable

More information:


Remember it’s just a beta test phase so please post your bugs/problems or suggestions in the forum above.
Aion Bot 2.7