The Ground Gather bots

Aion Gathering bots
The Ground Gather bot Description:
Using an ingame macro and computer macro program harvest ground gatherables all night without having even having to be there

The Ground Gather bot Using Instructions:

Aion Gathering bots1. Make sure you are a minimum of 10 levels above the region mobs to prevent aggro.

2. Find a couple of what you need to gather fairly close together. I.E they must be easily visible from each other, without a penny blocking how you can each one.

3. Make a new in game macro named that one thing and just copy macro below these steps, replacing XXX with whatever you want to collect. REMEMBER capitalation and spelling matters.

4. You will need to find out the typical spawn time for that gatherable. If you are lazy most gatherables are 1:30 min to 4:00 min long, so just say 3 mins.

5. Now create a computer macro using whatever macro program you want which will click the macro every half the average time + A few seconds. So using the 3 minute average that might be 1:30 + 0:30 = 2:00 minutes. I use Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder but there are many others.

6. Loop as often as desired. I think mine reaches like 1000 that we think contributes to about 50 hours of gathering. Obviously I stop it earlier than that though.

The Ground Gather bot some Notes:
Aion Gathering bots It's best to find a channel high are very little to no people around, regarding decrease the chance of being reported. The delay time may need to be increased based on your current level of skill. You do want it to be fairly high when compared with your normal speed; for example I can harvest Azpha in just like a second however the 10 secs is needed cause occasionally it requires that long. This isn’t perfect, people could harvest another one before you decide to click next, the macro might hick-up and miss a gather, etc.

The dowload address: