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Aion Pets GuideAion Pets Guide

If you’ve been wandering around trying to find an ideal Aion pet, look no more! We have got everything you should know about Pets the following!

Who let the pets out? We did, with Aion: Assault on Balaurea.

Your day when porguses can fly originates. Not simply will these cute and cuddly creatures follow you in your adventures throughout Atreia, some have abilities to help ease your burdens.

Aion Pets GuideDo I have to get a Pet?

Aion Pets are not essential like armor or weapons; however they provide numerous desirable functions and can add a bit of pizzazz to some player’s look.Currently, the majority of pets are companions. They follow their master around looking cute and providing entertainment.

Aion Pet Food

There are also several types of pets that offer specific functions. Fortune pets create items when you feed them, Signal pets sense an opponent’s presence and warn you of their approach, and Pack pets have their own inventory to provide additional storage.

Commercial dog food

Most Fortune pets possess a particular number of food they eat and will accept nothing less. However, there are a few pets, like the Hungry Porgus, that will eat any junk (gray) items.

Aion Pets GuideFood items for Aion pets vary greatly and the majority of foods are classified as ‘Junk Items’.Please make reference to the list of things for examples of so what can be utilized for pet food. This isn’t an entire list, but meant to give examples that will help you find the right foods on your own. Try feeding your pet similar items and find out if it will eat it!