Aion Hack [Trade Untradable Items]

Aion Hack 2.5 [Trade Untradable Items] Free Download Aion Hack : Aion Hack [Trade Untradable Items]

This Aion Hack should also works with the following servers :
- AionPvPers
Aion Hack 2.5 [Trade Untradable Items]- GamezAion
- EliteAion
- InfiniteAion
- Other Servers with 1.9 , 2.0 , 2.1 Clients 2.5 Item Pack are all supported.
2.5 Item Pack will be updated IF the rules are kept.

Aion Hacking :
1. Download this Aion Hack "Trade Untradable Items"
2. Save the file to your Aion Online Folder.
Example : C:\Program Files\Aion\AionPvPers.exe
3. Start the "Aion Hack [Trade Untradable Items]"
4. Wait for it to finish downloading the files.
5. Go in game & check your items with 'untradeable options' now all of them should be 'tradeable'.

*You can't open the patch files without the launcher. Try not to open manually, it will go corrupt.