Aion Bot [MMOBro v1 Beta]

Aion Bot [MMOBro v1 Beta]
Description of Aion Bot [MMOBro v1 Beta] :
mmoBro release free Aion bot!! visit :

Free Download Aion Bot : Aion Bot [MMOBro v1 Beta]

Instructions :
mmoBro is a free Aion bot for the NCSoft game "Aion Online".
Thanks for choosing mmoBro Aion Bot!!

* It doesn't require Aion Online to be the active window.
* It is written in C# so you'll need .Net 3.5 sp1
* Aion Online version 1.9,2.0,2.1

mmoBro Aion Bot apparently got on someones nerves at NCSoft and they added it to a process watch list. At the time of this post this process watching only happens if you are reported ingame by another player. To beat this simply open Launcher and mmoBro will be launched with a random name or a name of your choosing.

System OS:
Windows XP x86, x64
Windows Vista x86, x64
Windows 7 x86, x64

Aion Clients
US Client
EU Client
RU Client [none due to bug]

Default Mode (no class file):
Put a macro with your skills for pulling and fighting in slot 1

Example Macro:
Aion Botting : Set at
slot 1 macro:
/delay 5
/Skill Ferocious Strike I
/delay 2
/Skill Rage I
/delay 2
/Skill Weakening Severe Blow I
/delay 2
/Skill Shield Defense I
/delay 5
/Skill Ferocious Strike I
/delay 2
/Skill Robust Blow I
/delay 18

Class Files:
Simply pick the class file you wish to use in the right top corner. Or create your own with class creator.
For detailed instructions read ;

Default Key Bindings:
Loot = KEY_6 [6]
Rest = KEY_COMMA [,]
Target = KEY_TAB [Tab]
Rotate [View opposite angle] = KEY_MBUTTON [middle mouse button]
Attack = KEY_1 [1]

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Having a problem of Aion Bot : Read the FAQ ;
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